AEOU was created from the desire to inspire our community to show up as authentically and creatively "YOU" as you can be, and give you the tools to do it! We believe everybody has their own inner weirdo, and it's what makes each of us unique and one of a kind. AEOU is here to help you discover and explore your aesthetic, create from within, and share with the world.

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About Mr. Kate

What is in a name? Well, if the name is Mr. Kate, it contains a brand, an oxymoron, a husband-wife duo, and an ever-growing legacy of unabashed creativity and design.

We've been expressing ourselves online since 2011, first through a blog and shortly afterward expanding into YouTube and the accessories and homeware industries. Today, we have nearly 4 million Creative Weirdos subscribed to our YouTube, where we're chronicling every step of fixing up our tropical paradise dream home in Hawaii.